Before I can refill my lungs with precious air
After uttering the word, "Now,"

Every particle that exists in God's universe
Will move ever so slightly, as if a plow

Were furrowing throughout the physical world,
Exposing never before seen sights,

Will the stars again twinkle identically
As they did on that night of all nights?

Such a heretical notion -- spontaneous creation --
The sparkle in His eyes became the gift of life,

The odds against everything aligning again
As it was -- peas falling off my knife --

Are about the same as winning a million lotteries
In succession -- an idea somewhat winsome --

But for chance events to fashion a molecule of DNA
Would take ten to the googolplex years and then some,

There's but one way that all particles, whose names He knows,
Will ever in eternity realign,

And that is when He calls each one of them by name --
Which He constantly does -- that's what it means to be divine,

There's an algorithm to return all whence it came --
A twelve-ton elephant balanced spinning on a dime --

It's when both of Mickey's hands turn counterclockwise
And my Father puts back the toothpaste of time.

                                           by D. Edgar Murray 04/22/2000.