It's one of the last seventy-one Checkers built --
It was owned by a little old lady,

She wasn't from Pasadena, it's true,
But it's rumored that she was a cabby, maybe,

The left front fender is in mint condition --
It's never been in a head-on collision,

It might have been slightly rear-ended once
By a New Yorker with Holland Tunnel vision,

Air conditioning? -- open your window in the winter --
Graduation tassels hang from the rearview mirror,

Have you heard of the movie, "Rebel Without a Cause"?
Well, this car wasn't used in it, for sure,

This baby that we are reluctantly selling
Is equipped with all inoperative accessories,

It has the optional wire coat hanger antenna
And an electronic voice to bless you when you sneeze.

by D. Edgar Murray 06/18/2000.