There's a little-known stretch of road back home,
From Washington into Idaho,

If you're thinking of maybe travelling there,
I'd say, "Think again and don't go,"

Had you lived around this particular
Neck of the woods, that I've known,

You'd realize that many a traveler
Has failed to make it back home,

There is "dead man's curve" and "state line hill"
To mention a couple of sites

Where wild teenagers have left the road
On long weekend partying nights,

Nearly every bend in that road
Has claimed a victim or two,

I wouldn't want to be guilty of
Directing someone there -- even you,

The worst was the accident that gave it its name --
A collision on state line hill,

The hard working father of innocent children
Was killed, I remember it still,

A metallic-green Mercury slid
Upside-down on the road,

The father did his best to avoid it,
But the driver had an alcohol load,

This story is getting much too gruesome --
Even coming from me...

So, if you're heading for US-95
You might get on it south of Genesee.

by D. Edgar Murray