I'm writing of Washington state, not D.C. --
A town of one thousand named Palouse,

We can only go back there by reminiscence,
To live in the past there's no use,

Come ride the magic carpet of the mind --
We'll fly sixty-five miles to the south,

Here we see a small river -- the same name, of course,
Read my lips -- watch my metaphorical mouth,

We're talking of a roaring business community --
Take nineteen-fifty -- I'm wet behind the ears,

The new school is only ten or twelve years old,
Who'd have known I'd go here all twelve years?

Let's drag old Main St. on Saturday night --
My high school class will approve,

I wonder who named the ball team, Palouse Farmers --
Holway's marchers shuffle when they move,

We see a thriving, multifaceted, rural town --
Palouse Days every summer -- know what I mean?

The shops and stores all participate --
Gentle folk on each street corner seen,

Look there, it's Lloyd Mahn's IGA grocery --
Also Davy's and West's, to name a few,

Jack Sheets, the barber, has been replaced by old Stratton --
Lavon Watson, our haircuts will always do,

There's an old blacksmith shop, plus two welders, I know,
Shoemaker's and Breeden's -- arc preferred,

You want a new car? We have a choice of several:
Baggott's and Chevrolet, but "Ford" is my word,

We keep four filling stations in business for years:
Chevron, Richfield, Texaco and old Quiggle,

You can also buy fuel at the Grange's store --
Don't forget the Piggly-Wiggly wiggle,

Look, a bank -- a law office -- the Morrisons' lair --
Syms' shoe shop and hardwares numbering three,

They are O.T. Ward's, Ankcorn's, Henderson's and Western Auto,
I'm wrong -- there are four, it seems to me,

What is now known as Washington Water Power
Has an office near the bakery -- ground floor,

There's a doctor and a dentist -- Dick Honsinger's father --
Two hairdressers -- Effie Finley's and one more,

We even have a couple of taverns here --
Brantner's has a pool hall as well,

His wife -- my Sunday School teacher for years --
Thinks her husband will surely go to hell,

Four restaurants: Cozy Corner, Oasis, The Congress
Hotel, plus the Sweet Shop all serve

As teenage hangouts -- some with pinball machines --
Favored watering holes -- just what we deserve,

We see a ghost of my past -- cap and gown of blue,
Graduating in fifty-three,

I hope you will come and fly with me again,
We've enjoyed it, I think you agree.

by D. Edgar Murray 03/27/2000.