The musicians and the studio were ready...
But the star had not shown up,

The producer said, "This session is paid for,
Can't we find another singer to sub?"

Someone said, "Patsy Cline can sing,
Let's see if she's available tonight,"

The head man thought he had nothing to lose,
Said, "We'll find a song that we consider right,"

Patsy appeared upon the scene --
An inexperienced and unknown performer,

She cut the song: Walking After Midnight,
Predestined to show she was a charmer,

When Patsy hit the big time, she bought
Her dream house -- arranged it to her taste,

No one could have known, even after the accident
That nearly caused her talent to go to waste,

That Patsy would die in an airplane,
"You will go when it's your time to go,"

I wish that she'd walked after midnight to Nashville,
Charlie Dick would be a lucky so-and-so.

by D. Edgar Murray