It covered nineteen-twenty thru thirty-three --
The prohibition of alcoholic beverages,

Automobiles frightened many horses each day --
They were known as, "horseless carriages,"

The old, red brick building where beer had been brewed
Soon fell into disrepair,

No one seemed to wonder why men came and went --
They felt sure that no brewing was done there,

Everyone assumed that the vats and pipes
That facilitated the process of beer making

Were gathering dust -- do paving stones gather moss? --
No one suspected that the abstainers might be faking,

Only a few -- count them on one hand --
Knew of the underground tunnel

That terminated at the bank of our scenic river --
One could load a boat with brew to the gunnel,

One day the Eighteenth Amendment would fall
Like a bar stool before Carry Nation,

There would again be a green St. Patrick's Day drink --
The hatchet wielder would have no cause for celebration.

                                         by D. Edgar Murray 05/14/2000.