Just think of jumping and the white-coated ones
Will read your mind and take you away,

You'll never find someone quite out of his mind
Who will give you the time of day,

There's no need to wonder why the cloud that you're under
Has a manhole, not a silver lining,

We must all be somewhat tetched in the head
To be employed where the sun's never shining,

Your appetite, lest I fail to mention,
Will be lost near cesspool number nine,

I just thought I saw the crumpled hat of Ed Norton
Floating downstream on a clump of green slime,

It's not necessary to be crazy to work here
But, believe me, it helps a lot,

I've seen some of the finest nuthouses in the country
And they don't call me Mister Planters for naught.

by D. Edgar Murray 05/01/2000.