Everyone remembers the day a loved one died --
This is true for my friend Judith A.

It's not a misnomer, the name: "Death Valley" --
Over 100 degrees every day.

A father is the most special of men --
He held your tiny hand as a child.

Because of his efforts many traits are instilled
Restraining inclinations that might be wild.

It's wonderful to see a child that's not unruly --
We often see the parent's reflection.

Satisfying is the sight of a youth one can be proud of --
Respect for authority without rejection.

Many times it's sad to see a parent try to mold
Character that is already grown.

One can only step back and observe
The young who must survive on their own.

We can all empathize with the one I call Judy --
Her father loved her like a deer loves a fawn.

It seems to matter not -- city or nature's grandeur --
We look away for a moment and someone's gone.

by D. Edgar Murray 02/17/2001.