Redesigned, they called them Electra II,
After the wings fell off,

I was trying to fly Northwest Orient,
One of the last Mark Twos aloft,

Between Chicago and Minnie --
That's airline lingo for Minneapolis,

We ran into the worst thunderstorm
Of my life -- what an awful mess,

That aircraft of ours dropped like a rock,
Then it twisted, side-to-side --

Lunged upward, with a popping sound,
Like a roller ride,

Fellow passengers, feigning sleep,
Had their arms raised into the air,

I longed to awake, home in bed --
To be any place but there,

A simple fifty minute flight
Turned into a couple of hours,

The agony went on and on,
Thru lightning and thundershowers,

I swore that I'd never fly again,
Then I did, the very next day,

Even with radar, you can't avoid
A storm that's going the same way.

by D. Edgar Murray