We're honestly the smallest city ever to host a world's fair,
Expo 74 was going strong and I noticed there

A bit of restroom humor that was lost on many back then,
Hopefully, it was a tongue-in-cheek that will never be seen again,

Men's restrooms always seemed to have a well-meaning sign,
Saying: "Don't throw cigarette butts in the tinkler," (The translation is mine),

Some ding-a-ling would always add: "It makes them soggy and hard to light,"
A sign maker at Expo must have thought it would be alright

So they put a placard, over the facility, with the complete, but erroneous phrase,
Admittedly it was funny, but then many foreigners here in those days

Would find their interpretation of the sign was something of an item
Of international controversy -- someone actually trying to light them.

                                                          by D. Edgar Murray