We were hurting to find directions -- my Dad, brother and me --
So my father and we kids stepped in

To where my parents and we brothers would not otherwise go --
The first tavern I'd seen -- a den of sin,

We were there for just a moment -- Dad's question was answered --
I spied green in the spittoon and got the chills,

Neatly folded atop the ashes and cigarette butts
There were three dog-eared, one-dollar bills,

I didn't hesitate -- no thought of germs amidst the filth --
The thing was piled high with refuse,

There was no doubt of what was seen thru my goggle-eyes --
Spendability would still serve a poor boy's use,

No one noticed my hand flick like a serpent's tongue
As I quickly collected the windfall loot,

I was three bucks richer than I'd been in quite a while --
Had my allowance and six movies to boot.

                                                   by D. Edgar Murray 05/03/2000.