No matter how incredibly posh and ostentatious
A wedding you have seen, this was one my goodness gracious!

None could quite compare, or ever hope to equal
The lavish ceremony or the forthcoming sequel

That the Great Dane Lenny, and his fiancée took part in
Like the bosom of country music's Dolly Parton,

The biggest and the best, in all of history,
The only one invited, of co-workers, was me,

They first wore black tuxedos, and then to white they switched
Or the other way around, I can't remember which,

At an altar far above us were the nuptial vows repeated,
Not a single word was heard from where the guests were seated,

The minister had to tell us that the ceremony was through,
They might have choked up, blushed and answered twice for all we knew,

First recorded polka-music, then musicians strolling 'round
Snacks, nuts, wine and we a full-fledged dinner found,

Such a spread you've never seen outside of the White House,
The only thing missing was the Gator-Ade douse,

If I live to be a hundred I'll never see another
Fancy Groom and Best Man like the Great Dane brothers.

                                                          by D. Edgar Murray