I returned just yesterday to that valley of yore --
Imagine my nostalgia if you can,

All that was seen was a couple of stretches
Where the former right of way ran,

Most of the line? gone without a trace --
Grass- and weed-covered wastelands remain,

How many years has it been, I wondered,
Since this place heard the sound of a train,

Union Pacific has relinquished the lines
From Wallace, Idaho to Ayer,

Some older maps showed the junction as "Haas" --
Many locals originated there,

Pardon me if I recall fifty-six --
I worked as Car Distributor then,

Being only twenty-one at the time --
I'd relive it, if I could, once again,

My job, temporarily, had been meting out bulkers
To be filled with the Palouse country's wheat,

I was introduced to the Superintendent as young, but proficient --
At the time, I thought it was a feat,

Wistful was my mood at many points along the road
Where we'll never see tracks or a train,

I occasionally saw, across shallow stream beds,
That a few railway bridges still remain.

by D. Edgar Murray 06/14/2000.