The nineteen fifty-five Studebaker Speedster
Was the first big V-8 muscle car roadster,

Wide, flat Vee across the grill
Gave teenage, would-be owners a thrill,

Oh, if I'd bought one and stashed it away,
Just kept it stored, since that fabulous day,

Couldda, wouldda, shouldda: a senior's lament,
All my money, back then, was spent

On keeping my body and soul together
Plus the "Ford in my future," and Gillette Foamy lather,

Then new Gleem toothpaste with fluoridation
And Wildroot Creme-Oil swept the nation,

With Winston & Salem, a double knockout punch
For smokers abusing their lungs at lunch,

Many things changed with the fifties scene,
The demise of Duz and Lux was seen,

Will Pepsodent and Ivory die out? Maybe never,
But the memory of the Speedster will last forever.

by D. Edgar Murray