She may have begun in the early forties --
Our favorite hillbilly girlfriend,

A star of early day country comedy --
May her monologues never end,

I once thought I saw her on a Nashville street corner --
The boys were her favorite obsessions,

She won all our hearts with her anecdotes
Of Grinder's Switch -- no straight man sessions,

We all loved the price tag that hung from her hat --
Her humor cut to the bone,

We won't forget "Howdy, so glad to be here,"
We never saw her boyfriend or heard him phone,

Her friend Waggoner has become a colorful host
Of what's known as, "The Opry" to devotees,

If Tex Ritter, Hank Williams and Ernest Tubb were here,
Porter'd announce them nicely as you please,

He would do it in the manner of George D. Hay --
Grandpa Jones in fifty-year-old boots would rejoice,

Hee-Haw's Junior Samples might resemble Stringbean,
The Wagon Master'd say, "Let 'er go boys."

by D. Edgar Murray 03/22/2000.