A polar bear was philosophizing one six-month-long night --
Wearing his natural fur coat of white,

He wondered how many of his kind it might take
To change the bulb in his winter night light,

Unlike Porky Pig with his, "That's all folks!"
This bear knew a million Polish jokes,

If you want to know his age, count his bathtub rings,
The beast might drown his sorrow in Pepsi or Cokes,

He concluded that he was Polish -- longed to meet the Pope --
The creature feared he might hang himself if given enough rope,

The bearskin rug merchants were coming after him --
He thanked the spirits for protective coloration, his only real hope,

The answer to his problem? -- this writer's gifts abound --
"Five million plus one bears on permafrost ground,"

You may anticipate the punch line as quick-witted people do:
"One to hold the bulb, the rest to turn the world around."

by D. Edgar Murray 05/13/2000.