Author's note: Eight beats to the line, eighth beat silent.

J.D., O.D. stands for John Daniels, Doctor of Optometry...
His daughter, Marian Jane nee Daniels, is related by marriage to me,

John D. had all the autographs of Presidents, back to George Washington,
To make his collection current and complete, he needed only one,

Jimmy Carter -- the missing President -- was to briefly speak in Spokane,
Thomas Foley was flying with him -- Speaker of the House and our man,

Marian J. -- also O.D. -- was one of a few invited,
At the prospect of getting his autograph, she was naturally excited,

She mentioned, in passing, to the lady next to her, what her wish for her father was for,
Carter spoke for about ten minutes, then they hustled him out the door,

She thought nothing of it -- priorities above it -- but received a call some time later,
Her father had phoned to relate his good fortune -- an astonished celebrator,

Tom Foley's wife had told her husband and he told the number one man,
Jimmy Carter had sent him a personal memo -- imagine it if you can,

"From the office of the President, aboard Air Force One, to John Daniels Jr.," it read:
"Congratulations to a good Democrat," that made all of them, living and dead.

                                                            by D. Edgar Murray