Nothing else could be quite as thirst-quenching
As the cool, clear water that we would draw

From a pipe running into a modest-sized trough,
Near Potlatch, Idaho -- county of Latah,

"The spring" was located 'twixt US-95
And the town -- one turned to the right at the wye,

Long ago it had served as a watering place
When Mother was a kid -- my oh my,

We always hoped that our father would stop --
Liked to drink there just as those horses had,

Quaint old public-type watering holes
Appealed to us, as they did to our Dad,

Nowadays it's missing -- not a trace still remains,
I can't find the spot where it had been,

As I'm entering Potlatch -- The Mill, too is gone --
I wish I could see both again.

by D. Edgar Murray 02/01/2000.