A lady took her granddaughter for the afternoon --
New York City was the setting for this story,

The little girl had seen "The Wizard of Oz" --
A children's movie in all its Technicolor glory,

The child was asked if she would like to meet a real, live witch --
Margaret Hamilton was the lady's dear friend,

Our little heroine, of course, jumped up and down at the chance --
She had wished that her favorite movie would never end,

Everyone knows Margaret Hamilton's face --
She played the Wicked Witch of the West,

But few knew that she had a home on Long Island --
Little girls don't suffer cardiac arrest,

Off they went, by train, to Miss Hamilton's house --
Long Island was only a short ride,

Very soon they were greeted by Dorothy's nemesis --
She took their wraps, smiled and asked them inside,

After visiting for an hour the grandmother asked the girl,
"How do you like meeting a famous movie star?"

In spite of being plied with milk and cookies
The child's answer showed how real movies are,

Little Amy, let us call her, said, "You were real mean" --
Margaret's answer: "That was only 'Let's pretend,'"

With trembling chin, the child reiterated, "You were real mean!" --
"Yes, I guess so," Hamilton's apologetic end.

by D. Edgar Murray 07/04/2000.