Reminiscing alone today,
I sift thru vignettes of my youth,

Recall Dad and Mother and brother Will --
The road of life not always smooth,

Still we had what was needed,
Our parents saw to that,

We marveled at how far the money would go --
A new winter coat or a hat,

They instilled in us true virtue --
Respect for our elders and faith,

We would seldom stray from their fondest hopes --
Never see Mother's careworn face,

These mental pictures flood thru my mind,
Even now, at the end of the nineties,

A deprived childhood we didn't have,
Though without many unneeded niceties,

From the past come precious memories --
Personal treasures of mine,

Growing-up years and recollections
Of many a halcyon time,

I will never forget the three graces --
Wouldn't if I were able,

They are Grace of Monaco, Gracie Allen
And grace at the dining room table.

by D. Edgar Murray 12/27/1999.