Time was when my elders would ask me
How I'd like to spend my life,

The future seemed so very distant --
Would there be a family and wife?

I knew that my love for music showed
In an ability to carry a tune,

Someone sensed my knack for memorization --
I knew the songs that Bing would croon,

A love for language and usage possessed me --
Nouns and verbs were, to me, like jewels,

Possessives, plurals and plural possessives
Showed my aptitude for working with rules,

By the time that I'd completed high school I knew
That public speaking was not for me,

But still, my love for words was such
That I wanted my own dictionary,

I decided to learn the code of Samuel (fine business) Morse --
Communications would be my forte --

I'd complete a career -- retire to poetry and prose
Instead of trophies and a Nobel Prize like Ernest Hemingway.

by D. Edgar Murray 05/30/2000.