They say a horrendous crash occurred,
Across the world, it was seen and heard,

Sixty million years ago,
Geologic strata tell us so,

An asteroid the size of Manhattan
May have crashed in Mexico, and then

Stifling dust rose blocking the sun,
And stayed that way for many a month,

Dinosaurs perished as the vegetation waned,
T. R. died too at the top of the food chain,

Some little dinosaurs lived, they say,
And as the eons ticked away,

They turned into birds, ostrich to kiwi,
The eagle, like the vulture, arose serenely

Ruling the skies with vision so sharp, she
Swooped down on prey like the mythical Harpy,

None now remain of T. Rex and his ilk, I
See multifarious birds plying water, land and sky,

Where's the resemblance between Rex and the hummingbird?
Bipedal, have claws and find food in something red, I've heard,

Some say bone structure in common holds a clue,
Still I have a bit of doubt, in my mind, don't you?

                                                        by D. Edgar Murray