If you're ever in Wallace, east of Fourth-of-July Canyon,
Don't miss the gem of Shoshone county, Idaho,

It has always been a Northern Pacific show place --
The agent's live in office from long, long ago,

So many dots and dashes -- telegraphic message flashes --
Kept the operators busy day-to-day,

There were numerous train orders done by many extra-boarders --
Milk and cream cans came and went their merry way,

Arrived at last an awful day when the last train pulled away,
I-90 came a-breathing down their necks,

The depot's elegance stood in the path of excavators --
Right of way disappeared as did the tracks,

The whole county would frown, should they tear that beauty down --
All who loved it agonized with turned down mouth,

Tho it cost Wallace a fortune -- might have weighed three hundred tons,
They moved the future rail museum one block south.

by D. Edgar Murray 03/26/2000.