I see your hand, very clearly, in all of Creation --
Know that You're watching every movement that I make,

Evolution is just our name for your stages --
The footprints of each step that You take,

Why cannot seemingly intelligent people
See your creativity everywhere?

Do we have to have a sledgehammer between the eyes
To sense your intelligence there?

I could rant and rave for endless hours
Pointing out the evidence for your existence,

But I'm satisfied to make two simple points
That are occurring daily -- not past tense,

The first is protective coloration of two
Species of red butterflies,

One will make the eater deathly sick --
Birds once burned will be twice shy,

The other red ones whose ingestion is innocuous
Tend to be left quite alone,

They've only to worry about a few neophytes
That eat butterflies indiscriminately wherever they roam,

The second instance I'll relate of your protective coloration plan
Is those black and white caterpillars who are content

To sleep on black and white dunghills from birds --
No bird would eat them -- they look so much like excrement,

Dear Lord, help us to look with unprejudiced eyes
At the world that in your wisdom You have given us,

The evidence for your involvement in the world is overwhelming,
But I'll never understand the duck-billed platypus.

                                            by D. Edgar Murray 05/16/2000.