Willy Petrie had a bobcat and a Belgian war bride --
He met his wife Mary while abroad,

All three lived next door to my aunt and uncle --
The cat was defanged and declawed,

An idiosyncrasy of their house was this:
You had to cross their bedroom to use the bath,

The cat liked to sleep in that dimly lit room --
When the three were at home, no one would laugh,

Occasionally a lady would come to pay a visit --
Eventually need to use the facilities,

Halfway across the darkness the wildcat would snarl --
Scare her out of her wits like a lion's sneeze,

Many things were humorous about having such a pet,
If that isn't enough, here's something else to smile at,

That bobcat thought that he was a person too --
He would seat himself and use the Petries' toilet.

by D. Edgar Murray 06/11/2000.