Oh, Cher -- Oh, where has dear Sonny gone? --
Congressman Mister Bono,

Did you ever think, for moment or two,
He'd forget, "I Got You, Babe"? oh, no,

You both found divergent paths when you parted --
Separate families, too,

He won the respect of the world with his seating --
Served constituents like me and you,

You were still, as ever, the best of friends --
No forgetting the life that you'd shared,

Aren't many of us just skiing through life,
For the steep slopes of challenge unprepared?

I saw you that day when your kiss said, "Goodbye" --
Knew you never would see him again,

You both left deep footprints in the sands of your time --
"Got you" -- forever true -- from now 'til then.

by D. Edgar Murray 02/05/2000.