Where have all the depots gone? --
Tekoa, Moscow, Oakesdale and Marengo,

The entire Milwaukee Road has vanished,
Where did the rights of way go?

Union Pacific -- throughout the Palouse --
Not a branch line to be found,

Where once were seen many bridges and crossings
There's now only weed-covered ground,

The telegraph keys that we grasped and jittered? --
Gone the way of the buttoned-down collar,

No one seems to miss our favorites haunts,
They don't give two hoots and a holler,

I miss Wallula Junction most of all --
With its Centralized Traffic Control,

I've preserved my photo -- just sitting there,
In nineteen-sixty -- bless my soul,

The Tower in East Spokane has disappeared,
Great Northern? -- part of BNSF,

Union Pacific is still the biggest and best --
The Lord helps him who helps himself.

by D. Edgar Murray 01/29/2000.