Two inches of powder snow on the ground
Makes for easy shoveling out,

It's been calm all weekend for my brother and me --
There'll be school tomorrow, no doubt,

Four fluffy inches of snow on the ground --
We'll have sledding and snowmen too,

Delbert and Wilmar are starting to pray
For more white stuff -- wouldn't you?

If there's snow and drifting out there in the country,
School buses won't make it -- no way,

We'll have snow vacation that we hadn't dared hope for --
Winter frolicking day after day,

Eight pristine inches of snow on the ground --
Wind howling -- this could be a bummer,

With too much unforeseen, Indian giver-ish time off
We may languish in school all next summer.

                                       by D. Edgar Murray 02/21/2000.