It was just a casual Sunday get together --
So long since I'd seen cousin Bobbie,

She said many complimentary things,
But one tidbit just about floored me,

She looked at me, smiling and wistfully said,
"We did well, but you two had it all,"

I remembered what I think of as a meager childhood --
We scrimped along while the world had a ball,

One couldn't help asking, "Just what do you mean?"
"All" sounds like the world on a platter,

She said, "You had two things that I only yearned for --
Gifts of love -- those things that really matter,"

"You boys knew your parents loved each other and you,"
"There were no separations or hate,"

"You never had thoughts of how it might have been
Had your childhood not been a trick of fate."

by D. Edgar Murray 02/26/2000.